Why You Should Book a Travel Experience with Real Indonesia

I’ve travelled a lot in Indonesia and I want to help other Australians do the same.

Here are 3 reasons why you should book a travel experience with Real Indonesia:

1.         Amazing travel experiences – we market authentic travel experiences, delivered by locals, which have been tailor-made, tried and tested, for Western travellers. We’ll help you experience the real Indonesia.

2.       Feel good about your trip because so many local people benefit –  be confident that you’re supporting local economic development. Real Indonesia is unlike other international travel companies who sell tours to Indonesia. We don’t just employ local tour guides. We partner directly with local Indonesian tour operators (small businesses) throughout the archipelago. Rather than the money going directly to one person (just the tour guide), when you book an experience with Real Indonesia, the whole host local community benefits – you’ll be shown around by the local tour operator, you’ll eat at authentic restaurants and stay at hotels owned and run by local Indonesians.

3.       The convenience and security of booking with an Australian company – yes, we’re bound by Australian consumer law (so you’ll be protected) and our information won’t be in broken English!  We’ve done the hard work for you – our travel experiences are all inclusive, so you don’t have to keep digging into your pocket while you're enjoying your authentic experience in Indonesia.


After living in Indonesia for two months, as a 17-year-old on my first trip alone, I wanted my family to come on a holiday to Indonesia – to visit some beautiful destinations that I had heard of and to meet the lovely host families who I had lived with. The 4 of us had an amazing two-week holiday in Indonesia, we visited pristine islands, bustling cities, ancient temples and natural wonders.

But they couldn’t have organised the trip without me, they wouldn’t have known where to start. They wouldn’t have known where to go, how to get there or who to book with – they had never been beyond Bali before.

There are so many beautiful destinations in Indonesia, with so many beautiful local Indonesians, ready to show off their part of the world. Many of them speak English and are experienced in hosting international tourists. But they don’t have the capacity to market to Australians. This is where Real Indonesia can help.

There are so many Australians traveling to Indonesia, but most of them just visit South Bali. There are some who love it in Bali, but there are many Australians who see the problems that mass tourism in Bali is having and who want to experience Indonesia beyond Bali. But, like my family a few years ago, they don’t know where to start. This is where Real Indonesia can help.


 Mum and I enjoying breakfast overlooking the Java Sea on our first family holiday to Indonesia

Mum and I enjoying breakfast overlooking the Java Sea on our first family holiday to Indonesia

If there’s anything related to travel in Indonesia that you’d like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll aim to write a post about it!


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